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Juryman Wish Road

Wish Road

PUSSYDNLW056 Released: 3 April 2013

Ian Simmonds first project for 10 years under the 'Juryman' artist name was called Wish Road. Originally self released in 2013 the album is now available on Pussyfoot Records. A jazz album, which is rooted in downtempo electronica.

After suffering with chronic head aches for over a year, Juryman aka Ian Simmonds decided to channel his pain and create something eclectic, beautiful and otherworldly. 'Wish Road' feels like a walk through human experience, there's humour, love, sadness, curiosity and of course pain.

The album undulates between hard break beat, new school jazz instrumentals and folk style softness. Juryman lends his vocals to a few of the tracks adding to the personal feel of the album. The track 'Love Or Something' which was written and arranged by Juryman features lush orchestral textures, atmospheric folksy jazz overtones while orient style strings float over the top. 'All That's Left' features a driving folk funk country slap groove with Juryman's atmospheric Beck-esque vocals. 'Wish Road' bends genre into something that makes sense to his sound, you can find Latin groove, western guitar, techno bleeps all in the space of a few tracks. The one constant in all of 'Wish Road' is the ability of the track to grab hold of you and not let go. Beats galore.

"I dedicate this new Juryman LP to all the people who suffer this terrible illness. I also dedicate this music to those who have helped and supported me through this troubled time." - Ian Simmonds

We look forward to releasing new material from Ian in 2019.

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