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Pussy Cdlp018 Spacer The Beamer Front Sleeve Small

The Beamer

DNLLPW018 Released: 2 April 2001

With albums ‘Atlas Earth’ and ‘Sensory Man’ under his belt, both of which were ground-breaking explorations into chilled electronica, jazz and live orchestration, and his epochal track ‘Contrazoom’ with soul siren Alison Goldfrapp, Luke was ready for a change. With this album, he wanted to move away from the extreme experimentation of ‘Sensory Man’, and head towards the dancefloor without losing any of the musicality.

The epic dance floor beats of The Beamer herald a more mature, polished Spacer, which still appeals to the home listener. This sleek new sound is a melding of house, techno, dub, jazz and orchestrated strings and brass.

Buckle into The Beamer and let Spacer take you on a ride…

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