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Pussy Lp069 Suck It And See Front Sleeve Small

Suck It And See

Various Artists
DNLLPW069 Released: 27 July 1998

After the runaway success of the spy-themed compilation Pussy Galore we racked our brains for a follow-up. A few ideas were tossed around but nothing really stuck until pornography entered the debate. This one word brought about a collective ejaculation of approval so quickly (well not that quickly) we knew we'd found our specialist subject.

However in an age fraught with politically correct ideology were we heading up the wrong alley? Was pornography an issue that would court unwarranted attention, dividing the record-buying public or would we all come together in the spirit of sexual liberation? From an early age we're programmed to think that using pornography is something to be ashamed of. It͛s an industry that nice people don't like to talk about - at least not in public. Especially the British - the prevalent attitude is that our stiffness is reserved for our upper lips not our trousers and that pornography, in general, is equated with some kind of sexual deviancy. Well, Pussyfoot doesn't subscribe to that philosophy - as long as it's between consenting adults there's nothing to scorn about a little bit of porn.

So we asked each of our artists to make a track with a pornographic theme, a sonic interpretation of the word and its connotations. As the motley crew began to turn in their offerings it became obvious to us that here were a bunch of psychosexual misfits whose indoor pursuits ranged from the slightly risqué through to downright debauchery. The word spread and before long erotic electronica was flooding in from all over the world in the hope that it might be included on our pornucopic compilation. Naturally, we took on all-comers and have compiled the sordid results on this dirty double album.

Suck It And See features tracks from all the Pussyfoot regulars plus some new faces as well, easing you in gently before taking you to the depths of depravity on a quivering slide of orgiastic bliss. There's cocktail lounge funk from Seventies skin flicks, Harlem ladies who just can't get enough, Japanese geisha action, Parisienne call-girls in a ménage à trois and even a bout of martial cybersex. Telephone sex lines hum with indecent exchanges, couples are swinging in suburbia and there's the occasional sonic fetishist here and there too. Featuring X-rated artwork from Toshio Nakanishi which has been doused in powerful pheromones this is an hour and a half of the best "aural" sex you're likely to get. However, you do it make sure you wear some protection...

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