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Sitp Digi2500

Space Is The Plaice

Various Artists
PUSSYDNLM052 Released: 30 November 2018

"A brilliant new compilation. This is a must listen if you like spacey ethereally produced ambient electronic music. It is a beautiful mix including some of my favourite artists like Major Force, Palm Skin Production and Pye Corner Audio. Howie B has excelled himself this time. This album has been on repeat for me this week.”

Nemone - BBC Radio 6 - Nemone's Electric Ladyland

“Fantastically ambitious...a fabulous couple of hours” ★★★★

Record Collector

“A stellar new Pussyfoot Records compilation” Clash

An excellent compendium of eclectic music Now Then

After the success of Pussyfoot Records’ comeback label sampler, we are back with one stonking big compilation album. ‘Space Is The Plaice’ is a 35 track aquatic space opera that will have you experiencing zero gravity beats, deep space bleeps and the gentle whir of Uranus. With artists contributing from the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA, and all over Europe this album will take you once around the globe and then a few light years further. If the thought of this album gets you a little hot under the collar: Take a cold meteor shower, towel off, tighten your jupiter belt and meet us at the Pussyfoot space station for a listening party. We had some good space puns planned but we needed a little longer to planet. The album is available to purchase as a 35 track digital version, a 27 track triple vinyl and a 28 track double CD.

The story starts with ‘Creation’, whether you believe in the big bang or a higher power, TILT’s track creates such a musical explosion that it would put the Hadron Collider into a spin! Blood Wine or Honey’s celebratory jazz filled ‘Brilliant Pebbles’ conjures the image of a modern Star Wars Cantina band. Major Force Productions are back after their last release on Pussyfoot Records 20 years ago, with an east meets west gong groove set on the desert plains of Mars. MX-774 delivers ‘Into The Cosmos’; a moody electronic soundscape that builds texturally into a supernova of sound.

Our good pal Jacknife Lee makes his Pussyfoot return with ‘Overview’ a cinematic view of the earth from space. ‘Anenome Mine’ by Timothy Fife & Deadly Avenger sees ambient electronica mixing with an 80’s dirty cop theme tune. Electronic grime and spoken word finds a place in ‘Crash Landing’ by Ancient Lights featuring Flowdan. Kensuke Shiina’s ‘Orbiting Satellites’ features an old-school trip-hop drum beat accompanied by some sweeping strings and swelling synths. ‘Airy’S’ is a deeply emotional song performed by knowone, asking the universe for “No more war”.

We’ve then got the two, new baby faced Pussyfoot recruits Ninna Lundberg and Milo Clare. Lundberg’s track ‘Way Out’ is the perfect introduction to the artists powerful earth shattering vocals, an alt pop-rock track with a dry persistent rhythm guitar and a vocal hook that can’t be put down. Milo Clare’s dreamy R&B vocals take you skywards in ‘20000’ where neo-soul drums meet funk guitar. Pussyfoot alum Dobie returns with ‘Ripley’s Theme’; a downtempo orchestral exploration of a deserted space station (say that 5 times faster). Chari Chari falls back into our arms with the thunderous synth driven ‘Backward Compatibility’. Nick Faber brings some disco to the space party with his 70’s sci-fi groove ‘Dancing At The End Of The Universe’.

Rui Da Silva goes modular in Interstellar Voyager 3 with oscillating squeaks and mysterious beat. Luke Haines’ punk-esque vocals accompany distorted synths and rhythmic bongos on ‘Deep Space Junk’. ‘Riders To The Stars’ is a psychedelic rock odyssey with massive orchestration and robo vocals by Romin. Tojin Kit also has also managed to wrangle a robot to feature on their track ‘Machina’ an epic space soundtrack. Thumping drums and spaced out vocal samples pepper Sie’s ‘Music For Space Stations’ with an element of drama. Extra-terrestrial synths build in Pye Corner Audio’s ‘Deep Space Probe. Skylab present an eerie bedtime story set in deep space filled with robotic insectoids in ‘Hostile Planet Escape Sequence’. FPM use a vocaloid chorus like the beach boys on atmospheric space acid create a beautiful but eerie soundscape in ‘Accept You All’.

Howie B returns with a special guest, ‘A Letter From Space’ is an emotional spoken word piece performed by actor Norman Reedus. Renowned Double bassist, Borgar Magnason meditates beautifully in the wonderfully orchestrated ‘In To The Wild’. Sunny Levine lends a voice to some synthy space whales, R&B vocals strut over the top of a relaxed beat and funky baseline. ‘Air Is The Prayer’ is rife with wonky rhythms and huge bass build, the finest space funk provided by Palm Skin Productions. Last but not least is Ofeliadorme with a literal response to ‘space’, Atmospheric production with Portishead-esque vocals.

It's time to blast off, we hope you enjoy the ride!

First 300 copies are limited edition coloured vinyl. Stock has now almost gone on these.

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