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DNLLPW011 Released: 15 March 1999

'Snatch' is classic Howie B. Utilising monumental sub-frequential existential production techniques he's crafted speaker-freaking bass. Plucking quirky sounds from the strangest of sources he's conjured addictive loops that mess with the meter. Then he's wrapped them all up with his patented blend of filtered funk and completed the scenario with bleeping, whirring, flashing banks of deck-wrecking, body-checking FX. The alchemy is perfect - weaving musical structures in space and time his engineering skills and visionary techniques give him a multi-faceted palette to work from and while he can paint with minute dots like a sonic Seurat he's not afraid to make a Jackson Pollock of himself either.

Textural and spatial sensibilities ride high on his musical agenda, individual tracks soaring through the dimensions, mutating and unfolding before arriving at their conclusion. Oblique, other-worldly sounds are blended with beat-friendly grooves and melodious fragments are twisted into eerie soundtracks for cerebral journies. Perhaps the only advice we can offer is to expect the unexpected.

Back in the studio and following the unique paths of his musical pilgrimage once again Howie B is delivering the future - experimental music with a humorous twist...strange sounds for warped of fancy for wandering minds...

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