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Sensory Man

Sensory Man

DNLLPW008 Released: 15 September 1997

Open up your senses and prepare for a bout of synaesthesia - Spacer delivered the follow up to his Atlas Earth debut and broke the boundaries once again. After the epic Contrazoom ripped it up across the board and some killer remixes Luke Gordon has returned to the studio and blended hi-tech orchestration, amazing programming and live instrumentation to devastating effect.

Sensory Man is his journey along the thin dividing line that separates man and machine. Featuring Chris Bowden on sax, the voice of Alison Goldfrapp, Ian Juryman Simmonds on bass, Max Moore on keyboards and Tim Weller on drums, Spacer has fused their collective input in the digital domain and sculpted it to his own highly original dictates. Improvised jam sessions were laid down on tape then spliced and diced, effected and dissected, blurring the distinctions between live and computer-generated scapes. Check the rundown:-

It all kicks off with the proto-jazz breakbeat of Villiger, pounding out resonant bass and swathes of electronic percussion. 2 Musicians layers searing strings over swinging pulses for an emotive shapeshifter before Orchard takes you into a lilting downbeat ballad, Alison's vocals flooding warmth over slo-mo beats and spirallingstrings.

King trickles limpid vibes over offbeat drums and abstract lines while the mesmerising Pseudomorph ebbs and flows, sidewinding towards its conclusion in an electronic ballet. CPU vs Human monitors the call-and-response dialogue between Tim Weller's drums and Lukes Nord synth while Junk finds Alison's voice in full flight over jerking rhythms and textured chords.

On Northwire Song, Chris Bowden blows out his spirit over a tundra of stripped beats and brass. Isle of Dogs pits atonal pulses against a Rhodes, eerie percussion unfolding in the background. Deep Hibernation finds Juryman unleashing a verbal remedy over creeping, nocturnal jazz before The Event Horizon takes the project out on a widescreen format, epic chords lending gravity to Alison's powerful lament as Spacer's trademark strings plunge intravenously for the final time

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