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Ring Of Fire Front Small

Ring Of Fire Remixes

Various Artists
EPDNLW026 Released: 26 January 1998

Here’s an aural feast from the East - our man in Japan Kensuke Shiina has delivered no less than eight remixes of his Gamelan groove ‘Ring Of Fire’. Interspersed with some Interludes. Originally released on Pussy 011 it’s been radically reworked by an eclectic bunch of Japanese artists, some of whom you’ll know from that sonic collision of a compilation ‘Fish Smell Like Cat’.

Chari Chari brings out the strings with spliced beats and a lickle bit of sub-bass before Natural Essence throw the proceedings into a log drum downtempo mantra. Salon Kitty (featuring Tanaka of Fantastic Plastic Machine) dish up a freaky deaky blend of Hawaiian guitar, tough drums and cut and paste kookiness. Mad Vibes drops a quirky 4/4 organ groove for the psilocybin kids. Flip to the other slab and Kensuke scrubs up a lather in Java for some oceanic bliss. Next up is Luke Gordon’s original mix, still sounding as fresh now as it did in 1996. Arrow Tour throws the Gamelan lines in and out of time as he swings downtown with some funky jazz drums before Animo Computer switches on the CompuRhythm beats for a bit of sublime lo-fi electronica.

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