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Rain Cover


PUSSYDNLW063 Released: 28 June 2019

The single 'Rain' by industry newcomer Shiraz arrives alongside a plethora of remixes in a delicious digital pack of electronic goodness. The original track ‘Rain’ is an electronic, club anthem with strong nostalgic 80's pop vibes produced and co-written by TILT. The clubland veterans TILT have become a major force in the international dance music revolution with their tribal drums, booming bass-lines, and unforgettable melodies. It's their driving beat and intense synths that, alongside Shiraz, a 17-year old singer-songwriter from Worcester, who’s vocals make this tune into an almighty earworm. You will be humming this under your breath into the foreseeable future.

With the original comes the eclectic variety of remixes alongside it. New Pussyfoot Artists Snow Leopards AKA U.K D.J’s and producers JB and Phil Source, start off their mix shrouded in space age mystery. Clipped vocals dip in and out of otherworldly synth patterns and a heavy kick drum. You’ll need to swiftly head to the dancefloor for the next remix by London based, Glasgow born, songwriter, producer and self-professed space cadet Static Cosmonaut another future Pussyfoot artist. Her mix is full of dirty squelchy bass sounds with breakneck, Breakbeat drums.

Dobie contributes two remixes, one, a Club Dub Remix with looped chanting vocals over an anticipatory sparse Ibiza style club beat mixed by The Codfather. A drum and bass style drum rhythm crashes in to elevate this track to a club anthem. The other a more ambient harmonious tune with 90’s rain samples, choral synths and reverberated vocals. TILT’s ‘Monsoon Remix’ is stripped back electronic cool with an expansive cinematic sound, warped alien vocals and driving intention. Chinese D.J and producer Mickey Zhang’s remix drops you right into a dystopian future, robotic battle drums play over groaning, grinding synths with a low distorted vocal. The final remix comes from MX-774 (Ben Thackeray) who’s track ‘Into The Cosmos’ was featured on ‘Space Is The Plaice’ and received high praise last year, in his remix a church organ synth sets a mysterious tone, trip hop drums, harmonic synths and mangled robotic vocals help create a sci-fi love story.

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