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Pussy Cdlp019 Pussytoons Front Sleeve Small


Various Artists
DNLLPW019 Released: 24 July 2000

After the classic spy album Pussy Galore shot its way out of a sticky situation and its pornographic follow-up Suck It And See shot it's way into one here come the third in our maverick series of themed compilations: Pussytoons. For those not familiar with the concept... Pussyfoot artists from all over the globe are invited to provide us with a track utilising their interpretation of a chosen theme - this time it was cartoons... moving images.... drawn with a pencil, moulded in plasticine or computer-generated - characters from early stars like Tom & Jerry through to post-modern classics like Akira. Seminal creators... the hand of Tex Avery... the mouth of Mel Blanc... Disney's original visions... The Hanna Barbara generation... animation sets the precedent for a truly eclectic selection of sonic stop frame antics...

You can tell the home crowd had a healthy diet of TV dinners from the crib upwards... Spacer drops heavyweight timpani and creepy strings for a grainy black and white groove replete with that forgotten art of saw bowing - the definitive soundtrack for a vintage Bugs toon. Palm Skin Productions throws a Hong Kong Fooey one-inch punch with martial hip-hop for the bloodthirsty beat-heads and Sie drops spatial funk in byte-sized chunks for the Superfreaks. Dr Zaius returns once again with more obscene adventures in analogue.. a Fritz the Cat out-take maybe? Meanwhile, main man Howie B elevates himself to a plane of loftier pursuits and drops an emotive slo-mo burner that shimmers with morphing imagery - a classic.

Our Japanese crew managed to avert their Manga-crazed eyes for a time and got busy in the studio... Fantastic Plastic Machine drops kitsch space disco that wouldn't sound out of place on the Jetsons - wicked production, breezy brass and the sound of a Technicolor Summer. Chari Chari Chari gets that surreal Ludwig/Eastern European 70s short style down to a tee on his concise cut, Kensuke Shiina hams it up on his digital Grand and new discovery World's End Girlfriend pen a sublime fantasy tune that's as curiously addictive as watching Pokémon on a chemical comedown. Nick Faber joins the clan for the second time with a killer theme... imagine the Banana Splits meets Wacky Races via Ren & Stimpy and you're not even close to the mayhem this track will induce!

Renegade pop tart Jacknife Lee does a bit of artful feline creeping and Pussyfoot veterans Inevidence bring some chugging funk that's dirtier than Dastardly and Muttley. Chance find Key Aura take their lead from a classic cartoon advert, dropping hand-drawn dub to get toon town skanking and there you have it - adventures in animasonica. Imaginary themes to the best cartoons never invented. Blending the childish with the cerebral, the sublime with the surreal and celebrating an artform where the only limits are your imagination. It's anything can happen day...

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