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Ep Art V2 01


DNLW058 Released: 11 January 2019

We’re starting the year off right with Ezra Hames’ debut digital E.P titled ‘Night’. This is Ezra’s second official release after his atmospheric, beat driven track ‘Lightseeker’ was featured on Pussyfoot’s massive space themed compilation ‘Space Is The Plaice’. ‘Night’ takes on his adolescent Hip Hop influences but also draws from his world travels, cherry picking elements from a variety of genres and funnelling it into these two tracks. ‘Carousel’ features revolving melodies, powerful beats with a Lebanese twist and a ghostly fairground motif that is knocked out by an aggressive beat. ‘Sands' mix of modern hip hop beats, energetic Persian instrumental samples and a gravelly bass that will send you shimmying to the middle east.

Both tracks written in Porthcawl, Wales in 2017 by Ezra Hames

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