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Pussy Cdlp013 Various My Left Pussyfoot Front Cover Small

My Left Pussyfoot

Various Artists
DNLLPW013 Released: 24 May 1999

Oh yes! We, the purveyors of feline beats and sonic catalysts have done it again - here's another classic compilation coming your way and it's got Pussyfoot scrawled all over it! Our first aural archive 'Best Foot Forward' set the standards back in 1995, collating the best of the early hard-to-find 12" releases along with a few ground-breaking exclusives. In '99 we've got a motley crew of eclectic artists on the roster and a back catalogue that defies belief - from the cult collectability of the themed compilations to the pioneering vision of the solo albums the Pussyfoot posse are still doing it with panache. Now's it's time for another retropsective uncovering the cream of the 12"s over the last couple of years. Naturally, there's a few brand new cuts to keep the fanatical fans happy and for those of you who haven't yet upgraded to the superior audio of the turntable we've put the whole caboodle on CD (vinylphiles should keep their eyes peeled for the limited promo samplers featuring the new cuts).

'My Left Pussyfoot' is an all-embracing amalgamation of the unique sounds of Pussyfoot from 1996 - 1999, many of which have only been released on Pussyfoot 12"s until now. There's party-rocking beats taken from hip hop supremo Dobie's first release for the label. If you fancy a slice of hi-tech analogue funk label veterans Jony Rockstar and Jeremy Shaw dish it up as porn-loving renegades Naked Funk. Heading just across the water we find Irish production duo Inevidence working the angles with two diverse cuts, a spliced 'n' diced anthem of funky disco breaks and a subterranean chunk of slow and low funk. Alex Silva and Weird Beat Collective's Matt Silver team up as Deep Cops, losing it in the desert with adrenalin-fuelled breaks and arpeggiated anarchy while occasional collective 3 Wheels Out (featuring Skylab's Matt Ducasse, Tom Bullock and the mysterious DJ Darkhorse) deliver some atmospheric beatitude for hustlers, hippies and freaks of all descriptions. Heading back over the Irish Sea again we travel deep into the night to find a quirky piece of offbeat instrumental hip hop from Dublin duo Minatone aka Oisin Lunny and Stephen Daley.

So what of the new tracks? There's four to savour - two killers from the homegrown stable and two strange and beautiful pieces from new acts further afield. Sie and Spacer are both Pussyfoot veterans and have been releasing tracks on the label from the early days. Sie blends sublime sounds with beathead sensibilities and he does the business once again with 'Praying Mantis', a mellow gem that pushes all the right buttons - he's currently working on his second album 'Muira' which is due sometime before the millenium and features a dazzling array of guest musicians and vocalists. Spacer is entrenched in the studio working on his third solo album but he breaks his schedule to concoct 'The Hollow Kick', a soul-searching blend of funky drums and deep keys for another venture into the dark side which is guaranteed to keep the sonic voyagers happy.

When Howie B flew off to DJ in Sarajevo with Dazed & Confused magazine last year he hooked up with Adi Lukovac & Ornamenti. Adi started DJing in the late 80's, progressed to working a studio setup and has been a driving force behind underground music in Yugoslavia ever since, establishing Post-War Sound (a combination of electro and the traditional ethnic sound of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and spearheading the sounds of the subculture from the war-torn country. Ornamenti are Brano Jakupovic and Adnan Zilic - Brano DJ's and plays percussion / saz (a traditional Bosnian string instrument) while Adnan plays guitar and engineers. Their emotive offering 'Put (Journey)' provides us with a glimpse of powerful sounds from new musical territoires.

Icelandic band Dip are multi-talented ex-Sugarcube Sigtryggur Baldursson and writer/programmer/producer Johann Johannsson. Pussyfoot hooked up with them after they flew Luke 'Spacer' Gordon out to Reykjavik to mix their forthcoming album - when we heard it we flipped. Glacial sounds, warped vocals and abstract expressionism that couldn't come from anywhere but Iceland! Luke's superb programming skills come to the fore on 'Glands', a mesmeric cut that stirs the soul and elevates the mind.

It just wouldn't be right to release a Pussyfoot compilation without a contribution from the man himself so Howie B tops and tails this intoxicating compound with two amazing tracks which have never been released on Pussyfoot prior to this compilation. So there it is....'My Left Pussyfoot' - 13 quality tracks representing the wealth of diversity on Pussyfoot - another genre-busting selection that puts the best of the 12"s on CD for the first time, throws in two killers from Howie B and dishes up a quartet of virgin material as well! We're still putting our best foot forward...

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