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Pussy Cdlp017 Jacknife Lee Muy Rico Small

Muy Rico

DNLLPW017 Released: 4 May 1999

After releasing two glittering twelves on Pussyfoot now Jacknife Lee returns with Muy Rico!, a mini-album mixing 50's exotica, 60's psychedelia, 70's funk, 80's excess and 90's ecelectica for a time-travelling cocktail to tantalise your buds.

'Here Kitty Kitty' tempts you in, swinging the joint with an organ-grinding groove on the Jimmy Smith tip, Hammond roaring and the drummer sweating over frenetic fills - jump-up jazz for when the Bossanova's over, baby.

'Cookies' is a corking slab of uptempo brass-laden funk - choral backdrops, analogue gurgles and Garret's vocoded vocals make for a floor-filling track that's got HIT written all over it.

Missy Whopper is a modulating chunk of filtered discoid funk for the booty shakers while 'Brown Glitter' struts along on a velvet sheen of funky percussion and jazzy keys as the man with the golden tonsils cut loose in a Lizard King style.

The club fiends have already gone mad over the bombastic breakbeat of 'A Dog Named Snuggles', a take it to the floor slice of chunky funk to wag your tail to - this monster has slipped the leash and is off and running.

'Spermy Daydream' is another new piece of musical mayhem, splicing cellular scratched up vocals, distorted bass and funky percussion for a blistering wah-wah frenzy of staccato bursts and synthetic sirens before winding down into operatic shards.

Next up is the freaky singalong anthem Toot Sweet Boogie Woogie featuring a bunch of overly cute kids chanting sweetshop mantras before getting buried alive in an avalanche of hideously distorted crunching drums that will have you cheering for more - musical justice never sounded so sweet.

Sweet Potato charges off on a killer cop theme, filtered percussion and rasping sax blowing up a storm in the Windy City. The inimitable Mr Lee takes us out with Kati Rocky, a kooky little number that drifts away on a tide of blissful chords and an answerphone message that will have you hitting the bottle in no time.

Jacknife Lee. Joe Meek with a cocktail in his hand instead of a shotgun. Don't move...

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