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Fish Smell Like Cat

Fish Smell Like Cat

Various Artists
DNLLPW005 Released: 21 April 1997

An ancient Japanese proverb says “if fish smell like cat then Pussyfoot must be doing an album with Japanese artists” and everybody knows that zen ancient Japanese proverbs invariably come true. What a battle between taste and tomfoolery!

Pussyfoot thought it was about time we got the far east firm on the case for an album of oriental delights and they didn’t disappoint us.

These are the sounds of the nipponese new school - loyal pussyfooters will know KENSUKE SHIINA from his previous offerings - 'Ring of Fire' is included here for those that missed the 12" along with a new track, a collaboration with MANABU called 'the sound is....', it's a serene downbeat groove that puts the world in slo-mo.

TYPHOON TOSH is one half of Major Force and as well as providing Pussyfoot visuals drops two jazzalogue folkscursions with 'Round & Round' and 'Snakes & Ladders'. He even drops a cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic 'Albatross' under the alias Water Melon (along with other Major Force member KUDO and keyboard player ANDREW HALE) while 'Bamboo Loveshack' has plenty of geisha girl flavour. Their third track 'Moonshaker' has that Pussy Galore feel and is a blend of new wave meets old school.

CHARI CHARI contributes four sonic gems in the form of 'Urin', 'Bugis Folktales', 'Sea Breeze #C' and 'Utaki', the man behind them, KAORU INOUE, is a composer of sensuous, organic electronica and contributed the exquisite '13 Minute Stop Over Di Changi Airport' to PUSSY 007, FANTASTIC PLASTIC MACHINE a.k.a. TOMOYUKI TANAKA is a producer, remixer and dj whose musical origins lie in bossa nova and 60's soundtracks. 'Mr Salesman' is a psychedelic easy-listening stomper with shades of the theme from Sesame Street - "What are the letters of the day kids? yes, that's right. its l, s and d."

The strangely named AHH! FOLLY JET (a.k.a. TAKAI and that's as much as we know) spanks out the futuristic retro bliss of 'She Was Beautiful', a phased ballad overflowing with emotion and ARROW TOUR offer a package tour with a difference - we recommend a stay at the 'Mahalo Hotel' to ensure total insanity but remember to stay in your room! ARROW TOUR is JIRO YOSHIZAWA, a multi-instrumentalist who apparently stands exactly two metres tall - we hope that you appreciate this fact as you listen to his surreal sound collage..

FISH SMELL LIKE CAT - weird and wonderful? culturally informative? more fun than getting slaughtered on saki, wearing a colander on your head and practising samurai short sword techniques on your pussy with a baguette? yes.....yes.....and......what a battle between taste and tomfoolery!

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