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Brass 1 1000X1000 Cover

Brass Is Brass

PUSSYDNLW065 Released: 22 March 2019

A brand new single from our man on an island, Howie B. 'Brass Is Brass' was created out of energy, isolation, and focus... The kind of focus that comes from a self-inflicted lockdown in which Howie has found great musical solace. ‘Brass Is Brass’ falls between the genres of Electronica, Electro-Groove with a distinct Howie B sense of humour. Breathy synths, dirty squelching bleeps, low drums, and show-stopping brass bursts. This tune has a driving and intense rhythm that would lend itself to a cinematic chase scene or a tongue in cheek Bond fight sequence.

This track is a collaboration between Howie and Austrian artist Tofa (Chris Noelle), a regular for beautiful visuals on the electronic club circuit in Austria and Germany, specifically in the club: ‘Tresor’ where he is the artistic director. The artwork and music work in tandem, graphics enmeshing to create a video that wouldn't be out of place as club visuals.

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