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180 Degrees Album Cover Small

180° The Remixes

PUSSYDNLW075 Released: 19 July 2019

After the success of Kongo Dia Ntotila’s album ‘360°’, we bring you a special remix album titled ‘180° The Remixes’. The original album although full of dancefloor fillers, joyous Kongo-Jazz sounds and polyrhythmic guitar melodies; didn’t reach club goers and the sweatier, dirtier festival spaces. ‘180° The Remixes’ ensures that their album reaches absolutely everyone; no dancer left behind. The album features remixes from a whole bunch of Pussyfoot family favourites along with a bunch of new faces including Howie B, Sie, Ian Simmonds, Static Cosmonaut, and Youth.

It begins with Ancient Lights, who’s track ‘Crash Landing ft Flowdan’ was a stand-out tune from comeback compilation ‘Space Is The Plaice’. His Mausoleum Compound Remix of ‘360°’ begins with low tribal drums, ambient reverberated brass and synth drones. It slowly builds with intense mystery and a driving beat that weaves in and out. Youth’s remix of ‘Mbongo’ features a thumping drum beat and claps, early 90's club sounds mix with an intense tropical vibe. Eerie vocals vibrate through the music with an authoritative sound that contrasts the party rhythm take from the original track. Fancy Cat’s Midsummers Madness remix of Mutwashi takes Kongo Dia Ntotila’s sound straight to the beach with its massive mess of beautiful tropical sound.

Static Cosmonaut brings some minimalist sounds with driving breakbeat drums and building elements in her remix of ‘360°’. Snow Leopards bring some Garage beats which juxtaposes with the beautiful flourishing guitar, blossoming synths and reverberated dreamlike vocals in their remix of ‘Faux Boss’. Chinese D.J and producer Mickey Zhang keeps the beautiful emotion of ‘Naleli’ in his remix, which sees earthy grinding bass, steady drumbeat, spacey twinkling synths, and squelchy sounds intermingle with stunning African vocals and a lamenting guitar to create a panoramic sense of loss. Phil Source’s remix of ‘Mbongo’ has a laid-back feel, lazy vocals smooth over the top of the Ibizan style club beat and original brass section. Ian Simmonds’ Kongo Agogo Rework vocal remix has his own harmonic vocals sing over the top of a relaxed and slightly disjointed remix of ‘Agbwaya’. Sie’s Early Bird Edit of ‘Kinshasa Makambo’ makes use of the conversational vocals which are brought forward and dropped under a summery beach party beat. The album finishes with Howie B’s mix of the tune ‘Kongo’, a homage to the original with its stunning isolated chant and stripped back instrumentals giving focus to the bands fantastic brass section

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