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Some Stonking Reviews of Our Back Catalogue

'Suck It and See' offers nearly as many interpretations of porn music as porn movies offer of sex. Its songs are sensual, erotic, violent, crass, playful and sometimes simply ridiculous. That is the seduction of it. Whether you're into white panties or leather whips, feather boas or fine wine, you'll find your fetish here.

Suck It And See

Playboy - 5/99


(…) The third in a series of themed anthologies that started with 1996's espionage album Pussy Galore and continued with the pornographic Suck It And See, it features 13 techno/sampler artists' cartoon-inspired creations, ranging from the cheeky big-beat novelties of Nick Faber and World's End Girlfriend to Howie's own "Homeward Bound III: The Movie", whose chill, forbidding tones evoke the deep-space abyss of modern sci-fi animation. What sets Pussytoons apart from the endless gamut of house/dance/techno compilations - other than the merciful absence of the word "Ibiza" - is its sheer sense of fun, as the creators run riot through a welter of sampled cartoon sound effects, like kids ransacking the toybox. Look over there! It's Yogi and Boo-Boo - or is it Fred and Barney? (…) Technically, Pussytoons is a triumph of the programmer's art, with almost every track involving the most meticulous sequencing of tiny sound-fragments into coherent, flowing grooves.


The Independent – 27/07/00


(Spacer)… combines in his own way sluggish, uncontrollable seeming dark beats, abstract lines and string arrangements with vocals by Alison Goldfrapp and Chris Bowden's saxophone. (…)  In terms of mood, the CD sounds like a 'Film Noir' soundtrack on first listening and is at the same time a cool synthesis of left-foot jazz elements, almost hypnotic, with Dranian orchestral sounds, club electronica, subtle improvisation and meaningful digital arrangements. Musically, thrilling and relaxed scenes evoke Chris Bowden's improvisations on complex offbeat drums, and when Alison Goldfrapp's voice is used on a few tracks, goose bumps inevitably run down his spine. But only for a moment, because atmospheric clusters, oblique licks or atonal impulses alternate like clouds in the sky. 'Sensory Man' is already the second CD masterpiece on the trend label Pussyfoot Listen, Enjoy & Relax!

Spacer- Sensory Man

Jazz Zeitung (German) - 9/98


Genre hopping electronica with guest appearance from Black Box Recorder/ The Auteur’s Luke Haines. Five years on from his Ruban D’Alpha debut in 1997, Sie (aka Simon Medway-Smith) is back with another album of genre bending electronica built on a solid backbone of funk. Created with long time studio compadre Ernest Saint Laurent, this sophomore release also features guest appearances from Earl Zinger (aka Rob Gallagher, formerly of Galliano) and Fuzz Against Junk’s Andy Williams. However, it’s the Luke Haines collaborations on this album which stand out by a mile, especially the not to be missed, menacingly intoned secret history of dance music dating back to the fifteenth century, 'Slave 2 Disco'.

Sie- Superpro-Kid

Uncut - 6/02


Not the gold-chained rapper that his name might suggest, but the British avant-beats producer who most recently made a name for himself as the man who did for U2 what Weatherall did for Primal Scream. With collaborations spanning from Bjork to Ry Cooper, B is no mere loops-hound for Bono as this third solo collection underlines. His syncopated, abstract impressionism is consistently inventive and although the quirkiness occasionally irks, Snatch is a mostly mesmerising extension of his art-gallery grooves. "She Called Again" and "Maniac Monday" demonstrate an edgy talent for John Barry-gone-rare groove stylings and film noir suspense. As Barry Adamsons for the dance floor and Brian Enos for the basement go, they don’t come any better. Snatch of the day.

Howie B - Snatch

GQ - 4/99