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Remix Rundown of New Release 'Rain' from Shiraz

Here comes the Rain again... A new single from Shiraz arrives alongside a digital pack of electronic goodness. Digital pack of goodness you ask? Well it's the remixes of course! 8 unique tunes that will have you trotting to the dance floor in no time. The original tune is an electronic pop anthem full of synthy goodness and emotion that will have you crying in the club... we kid! But you will be singing along with the catchy hook in no time. We're going to give you the run down of each track here:

Snow Leopards Remix

New Pussyfoot Artists Snow Leopards AKA U.K D.J’s and producers JB and Phil Source, start off their mix shrouded in space age mystery. Clipped vocals dip in and out of otherworldly synth patterns and a heavy kick drum.

Static Cosmonaut Remix

Breakbeat meets Drum and Bass in this squelchy dirty remix by Static Cosmonaut. Even those fearful of heavy dance music would be hard pressed not to roll their shoulders and make their way to the dance floor when this tune comes on.

Dobie's Club Dub Remix

Looped vocals chant 'The Rain' over an almost sparse Ibiza style club beat. A drum and bass style drum beat crashes in to elevate this track to a club anthem, creating a visage of sweat dripping off club goers like rain as they raise they hands in the air.

TILT's Monsoon Remix

Stripped back electronic remix by the boys from TILT. This tune has a expansive cinematic sound, warped vocals sound alien and mysterious and a driving intention. Dune Buggy chase across the moon anyone?

Mickey Zhang Remix

Mickey returns to us after his brilliant tune Electric Horse shook the house down on our comeback E.P The Shape Of Cats To Come. In his remix robotic battle drums play on top of a groaning, grinding synth which grow in anticipation of low slightly warped vocals. Dystopian Sci-Fi remix.

MX-774 Remix

Church organ style synths set a mysterious tone, the addition of trip hop drums and a mixture of harmonic synths help to create a sci-fi love story. mangled robotic vocals are whispered in close harmony with the synths.

Dobie Remix

90's style rain sample lead into isolated reverberated vocals. Choral synths build underneath the vocals creating a gospel vibe, slow and emotional rise. Trappy drums add pace and a strong piano motif and add to the drama of Shiraz' words.

These tasty morsels of sound are not to be missed, slurp them up here:

Shiraz Fuji Instax 02  Ren Rox  1200Px