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Pussyfoot Returns

After the longest cat nap ever recorded, Pussyfoot Records has padded into 2018 with a fresh spring in it's step. Quite the musical experimentalists, Pussyfoot was the answer to such burning questions as: "What if we made an album entirely about cartoons?" and "How about an album that's inspired by pornography?". Now in the 21st Century our desire to push boundaries is still thoroughly at the forefront of the labels raison d'être. The first big release is a Pussyfoot Records signature, the biggest damn compilation you'll have laid eyes on since "Now That's What I Call 90's". With artists contributing from all over the globe, this compilation is sure to blow one or two fuses in your household... Watch out for your kettle sunny.

Pussyfoot Records has always been about tugging samples from the past, cutting, mixing and transforming them and making you think about them in an entirely different light. Our artists releases from the 90's are still so current that most of it could be released today, albeit with some raised eyebrows (not naming any names "Suck It And See"). So check our entire back catalogue which you can buy right here on our spanking new website, or you can head over to our Bandcamp site if you swing that way.

So expect some genre-bending releases from this souped up pussycat, with our mix of Pussyfoot Records veterans and our new Pussyfoot recruits, you are sure to get your fill.