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Pussyfoot chats with video directors: Bronson Productions

Pussyfoot Records has a chat with Bronson Productions, the two highschoolers: Paul Levine and Jesse Finney were approached by Jacknife Lee to create a video for his track 'Overview' which features on our upcoming compilation album 'Space Is The Plaice'. Read our interview with the young gents below...

Overview Thumbnail

How did Garrett (Jacknife Lee) approach you with the project, did he give you a brief of what he'd like to see?

Garrett’s was trying to find a filmmaker for his video and his daughter told him that about us because she had seen one of our short films during the New Roads Film Festival.

Garrett didn’t give a lengthy brief, he told us that we could do whatever we wanted as long as the theme of the song relates to the video. He mentioned not wanting the video to be a narrative. He said that he was actually sick of narratives in music videos so he wanted something experimental or abstract. He allowed us to complete creative freedom during the video making process.

How did you tackle the theme of ‘space’ without filming in space?

Space is something that is separate from the world. So we used the tunnel to represent that separation because the tunnel is separate from the outside world. The tunnel acts as a void in a way like space, you don’t know what is on the other side until you get there.

Would you be able to talk me through some of the themes that you’ve explored?

One of the main themes that we explored in the video was nature. The man from the song talked about how beautiful the world was so we thought it would be perfect to display nature as it is one of the many beauties from the world. Another theme we dove into was the human experience and how beautiful it is, so we went to the grove and filmed people just doing simple things like eating and talking but mainly just being alive because that is beautiful. We also tapped into the artificial aspects of humanity like industry, cities, oil, and cars because the first 30 seconds of the song kind of felt like something bad was happening. So we used the more artificial aspects of human nature like the city life and the distortion and odd looking imagery of things like an oil rig because that represents humanity almost destroying itself.

There is a detached observational element to ‘Overview’ that's quite robotic, why did you decide to go with a human story?

Ultimately we thought that making it a human experience would automatically make the viewers relate to the video more than anything.

You can watch the video for 'Overview' by Jacknife Lee here. You can pre order the triple vinyl LP, double CD or digital album 'Space Is The Plaice' here.