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Pussyfoot Catches Up With Sie

How did you get involved with Pussyfoot back in the day?

I was working at a studio in east London (Milo) as a tape-op, Nick (half of Pussyfoot) was my boss. He quickly put me on sessions assisting for Howie and we became thick as thieves. It was an amazing time to be working in studios. I wanted to know everything there was to know and was lucky to be working on amazing productions as part of Howies team. One day Howie asked me if I had been making any music. I had only been working there a few months and had started to fiddle around on samplers and things during downtime from session. I was mesmerised by the studio, I had been making my first tracks and was really just finding my way around . Howie asked to hear something, I was really shy to play my first proper playable track. So I pressed play on the track and left the room. When it had finished I came back and Howie said, ‘its great! I will release it’. I could have fallen off my chair.

What have you been up to since Pussyfoots hiatus?

I haven’t left the studio, after Pussyfoot I decided to concentrate on making music for other people. I had learnt my craft during the Milo years and have been a freelance gun for hire ever since. I was in-house at Mute Records for a while which was fun. I became Daniel Millers right hand mixer over there for a while and had the chance to work on some Mute classics. I’ve more recently started to be Musical Director for a few bands, taking them from the studio to the stage.

Which are your top 3 Pussyfoot Albums?

Dobie’s album, still on rotation in our house, Howie’s Snatch album, we had so much fun making that.

Last but not least Spacer’s The Beamer. Luke (Spacer) and I were really tight around this time and I was around for a lot of the sessions. Good memories of all of these records, good life long friends made at the time.

Describe your sound in 3 words

From the heart.

How did Riders on The Storm come about? Is it true that it’s been 15 years in the making?

It is true that it has been 15 maybe 16 years in the making. At the time I had the idea to record Riders with my friends, live in one take for my second album. I booked the studio and paid everyone to be there, then for the strings and overdubs etc. I spent the whole album budget in one day! After a week or so I realised I couldn’t make the track fit with the rest of the album and where it was heading. So I shelved the recording until a few months ago. Then when Pussyfoot started up again Howie and Nick said what happened to Riders? What do you say to waking it up a bit and finally release it. So I did just that. It was originally going to be an instrumental but after all this time I wanted it to finally have a vocal on it. So I called Courtney Gray and asked if she was up for doing a vocal, she said yes. You can listen for yourself to the results.

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What were your influences when making the track?

It’s hard to say as its been so long since then and my musical journey has pushed and pulled me in so many directions. I guess at that time I wanted to get in the studio and record something to as high level as possible. I had really learnt my way around the studio by this time. Everything on the original version was recorded in one take to tape. I’ve always looked up to Quincy Jones productions and still do, maybe I was experimenting with trying to emulate that kind of sound. Not anymore though i’ve got over that, however Quincy is still up there in my top three producers of all time.

Who are the musicians featured on the track?

This original bunch were at the time and are still my go to players, friends I had made over the years through sessions at Milo. These guys are all top level session players and everyone of them has the extra bit needed for one of my sessions… Good studio banter! The second phase of the recording you will find my long time friend from Milano Alberto de Angeli. We met 19 years ago when I was producing a record for his band. We stayed close friends and after some time he started to make electronic music. With his knowledge of guitars and in particular the Sherman filter bank 1 I asked him to come on board for the new sessions, lucky for me he said yes. Enter stage left Courtney Gray, Heard Courtneys band play and though, dang that girl can sing. I wasted no time and asked if she would try a vocal for this. She came up with this amazing version. Lucky me that i’ve managed to pull this one off!

What is next for you?

Currently I am recording an album with Craig Richards (Fabric resident/ Houghton Festival) for his label ‘The Nothing Special’ and touring as MD for Luke Slater. I’m also part of the audio engine development team for Ableton on my days off. Right now i’m off for a swim, its a lovely day here in Brighton and the sea looks like we’ve borrowed it from Italy!

You can listen and buy Sie's new track Riders On The Storm here: