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New Release: Venus Is The Plaice

‘Venus Is The Plaice’ is one of three digital E.P’s to be released in the lead up to our massive 27 track triple vinyl LP: ‘Space Is The Plaice’. Today is the day! The E.P features a creation story by TILT, a robotic cameo from Tojin Kit and new Pussyfoot artist Ninna Lundberg offers up a tune. It wouldn’t be a Pussyfoot release without our resident Scotsman Howie B who puts forward a track featuring vocals by American Actor Norman Reedus.

Big Venus

Track listing:

TILT – Creation

TILT have been a major force in the international dance music scene for the last 25 years, blurring the boundaries between house and trance while creating electro majestry. Their track is titled ‘Creation’. The creation of what? Synths, analogue machines and dirty beats. Beautiful keyboards and strings swirl amongst the grinding drums creating a particle explosion that would put the Hadron Collider into a spin!

Tojin Kit – Machina

Tojin Kit is made up of Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys), Chris James (Stateless, DJ Shadow) and Massive Attack cohort Kidkanevil (aka Gerard Roberts). The groups sound is vast, electronic and cinematic and their track ‘Machina’ is no exception. Intergalactic looping keys steeped in beautiful mystery, joined by grinding beats and robotic vocals.

Ninna Lundberg – Way Out

Ninna Lundberg’s alt-pop style is a mixture of hypnotic, powerful vocals, masterful self-production and uncomplicated instrumentals. Ninna's memorable lyrics in her track ‘Way Out’ are emotionally charged, raw and enchanting. Dry persistant rhythm guitar and a simple ambient guitar intertwine and will hook your right through your gills.

Howie B Featuring Norman Reedus – A Letter From Space

This may seem like the unlikely pairing of an electronic music man and a zombie killing super star but these boys have a friendship that spans over 20 years. Reedus lends his vocals to an astronaught's love letter written while looking down on the world from space. A dramatic and beautiful spoken word piece with an eerie treated piano and electronic synths.

Listen to the E.P here. Preorder the whole 27-track triple LP here. First 300 copies will be limited edition coloured vinyl! Special pre-order prices:

Triple LP: £26, will go up to £30 after release. Double CD: £10, will go up to £12.99 after release.