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New Compilation Announced: "Space Is The Plaice"

Pussyfoot Records calling card has always been our ability to put out an excellent compilation album, especially if that baby is themed. So when we relaunched earlier this year, creating a stonker of a compilation album was number one on our agenda. Of course we shuffled around theme ideas, some good, some laughable. Eventually we all landed quite comfortably in the realm of time and space and thus, 'Space Is The Plaice' was born.

Space Is The Plaice’ will be released on the 30th of November, digitally as a 35 track extended extravaganza, as a 27 track triple LP and as a 28 track double CD if you're that way inclined. ‘Space Is The Plaice’ is an aquatic space opera that will have you experiencing zero gravity beats, deep space bleeps and the gentle whir of Uranus. With artists contributing from the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA, and all over Europe this album will take you once around the globe and then a few light years further.

Some of the artists you'll hear on the compilation: Howie B ft Norman Reedus, Luke Haines, Pye Corner Audio, Blood Wine Or Honey, Jacknife Lee, Major Force Productions, Milo Clare, Ninna Lundberg, Kensuke Shiina, Ancient Lights Ft Flowdan and Sunny Levine.

If the thought of this album gets you a little hot under the collar: Take a cold meteor shower, towel off, tighten your jupiter belt and meet us at the Pussyfoot space station for a listening party. We had some good space puns planned but we needed a little longer to planet.


We will be releasing three digital E.P's in the lead up to the big boys galaxy wide release: 'Venus Is The Plaice' (28th Sept), 'Mars Is The Plaice' (19th Oct) and 'Jupiter Is The Plaice' (9th Nov). Think of them as the scouting parties for a larger alien invasion, little teasers of what's to come.

Cd Finalmockup

Here's the digital track list for 'Space Is The Plaice':

  1. Tilt – Creation
  2. Blood Wine Or Honey – Brilliant Pebbles
  3. Major Force Productions – Watashi wa Hikari
  4. Timothy Fife & Deadly Avenger – Anemone Mine
  5. Palm Skin Productions – Air Is The Prayer
  6. Jacknife Lee- Overview
  7. MX-744 – Into The Cosmos
  8. Ancient Lights featuring Flowdan – Crash Landing
  9. Kensuke Shiina – Orbiting Satellites
  10. Knowone – airy’S
  11. Ninna Lundberg – Way Out
  12. Milo Clare – 20000
  13. Nick Faber – Dancing At The End Of The Universe
  14. Dobie – Ripley’s Theme
  15. David Harrow – Jovian System
  16. Ezra Hames – Lightseeker
  17. Kingkong & The Chum - This Is The Place
  18. Chari Chari- Backward Compatibility
  19. Howie B featuring Norman Reedus – A Letter From Space
  20. Rui Da Silva – Interstellar Voyager 3
  21. Luke Haines – Deep Space Junk
  22. Romin - Riders To The Stars
  23. Skylab - Hostile Planet Escape Sequence
  24. Tojin Kit – Machina
  25. Spacer – Pseudomorph
  26. Pye Corner Audio- Deep Space Probe
  27. Luke Haines – Deep Space Junk
  28. Snuffy.NYC – Premium Goods
  29. FPM – Accept You All
  30. Rob Spectrum – FTBG
  31. Sunny Levine - Moon Hung
  32. Borgar Magnason - Into The Wild
  33. Snerv – The Space In My Place
  34. Oisin Lunny - Spaceport
  35. Sie – Music For Space Stations
  36. Ofeliadorme – Hands

To see the track list for the Vinyl and CD, please head to product page. You can pre-order the album here at special pre-order prices!

Triple Vinyl LP -£26 rising to £30 after the release day.

Double CD - £9.99 rising to £12.99 after the release day.

Remember if you sign up to our site you'll get an additional 20% off and quite honestly you'd be martian not to. 'Space Is The Plaice' will be released on the 30th of November.