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Mickey Zhang and WHAI - An Intro

Mickey Zhang and WHAI’s track ‘Electric Horse’ which features Howie B is the second single to be released off of our comeback label mixer ‘The Shape Of Cats To Come’. The track mixes traditional Chinese music and instruments (the Guzheng) with western notions of EDM creating something that is new, eclectic and undeniably shimmy-worthy. Interestingly the use of the traditional Chinese instrument called a Guzheng is what makes this track sound like an electronic western, with drum beats slamming into the earth like hooves and intermingling synths spurring the massive sound onwards.

Pussyfoot Front V4

Mickey Zhang is the leading figure in the growing Chinese Dance music scene. As a producer, DJ, event organizer and ambassador for the Chinese underground music scene, he has pushed forward the development of Electronic music in China, and remains one of the most in-demand Chinese DJs in Asia. You can watch his awesome boiler room set here.

Where Mickey Zhang is a leader in Chinese EDM, WHAI is the godfather of Chinese psychedelic rock music. Although you would be hard pressed to box his musical style in as he has explored numerous other genres along the way. Both artists explore Chinese culture and fantasy themes within their music to create an otherworldly sound that you can’t help but move to.

Howie B met Mickey Zhang and WHAI while playing in China and after seeing them perform was immediately hooked onto their sound, the three musicians collaborated and thus ‘Electric Horse’ was born. Sign up for a free Pussyfoot account and listen to the full track here.