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Meet The Pussyfoot Compilations

Pussyfoot has a long and er... colourful history of compilation making. Having released our first compilation back in 1995, there have been a fair few to sashay down our runway since then with most of the incredible album artwork created by Toshio Nakanishi. Now with the announcement of our new space themed compilation 'Space Is The Plaice' we thought we'd give you guys a re-cap of the compilations of Pussyfoot past...

Pussy Lp001 Best Foot Forward Front Cover 2500 Pixels

Best Foot Forward

Our first, perhaps our most loved. 'Best Foot Forward' consisted of the best tracks from the first four E.Ps and two previously unreleased tracks from Daddylonglegs and Spacer. It set the tone for all of our other compilations, no duds, just slamming tracks from brilliant artists. Unlike our other compilations, our first wasn't themed, perhaps we were shy back then. Now available as a deluxe digital version, you can listen to the album here.

Pussy Cdlp007 Various Pussy Galore 3000

Pussy Galore

Back in 1996 Pussyfoot decided to try it's hand at espionage. We’d been in the label business for a couple of years and wanted to add another bullet to our chamber. It was dangerous and there were far few femme fatals than were promised by our mate James. This album features some massive tracks, ‘Contrazoom’ by Spacer featuring vocals by Alison Goldfrapp being one of them. Next time you’re gearing up to steal a bit of pick and mix at the cinema – this is the tune to spur you on! Other contributors included Howie B, Kensuke Shiina, Headrillaz, Chari Chari and Sie. Listen to the album here.

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Fish Smell Like Cat

Pussyfoot loves Japan and we’ve always had an amazing relationship with the artists and musicians who come strutting out of the Japanese music scene. The whole album was made by amazing Japanese musicians like FPM (Fantastic Plastic Machine), Kensuke Shiina, Chari Chari and the much-loved Toshio Nakanishi. If we had to box this album into a genre we’d say: Electronic- Folk – Fantasy – Hypnotic – Alternative. It is an absolute delight, listen to it here.

26109255 1642154775841515 3421127217189486592 N

Suck It And See

Not for the fainthearted, Suck It And See was our porn themed album. We’ve always fancied ourselves as Sex Positive and this was our way of expressing ourselves. We’re not sure if the artwork would have been allowed in this modern age though… ‘Love Thong’, ‘Porno Paradise’ and ‘In Persuit Of The Pimp Mobile’ are some of the more demure track names. With tracks from Nick Faber, Deadly Avenger, Tim ‘Love’ Lee and Naked Funk. Pull down your blinds and listen here.

22395843 1476272002450778 6458530296533876736 N

My Left Pussyfoot

Our second unthemed compilation, although if we were hard pressed to think of a theme we’d say ‘Booty Shaker’. Some seriously sick tunes can be heard on this album. ‘B-Boy Anthem’ by Dobie is a brilliant example of British 90’s Hip Hop. Howie B, Inevidence, Deep Cops, and Sie also contribute. Amazing artwork by Kate Harrison! You can listen to the album here.

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Do you like cartoons as much as we do? If you do then you will bloody love this. This compilation may seem tongue in cheek but it is full of seriously good beats. Palm Skin Productions ‘Cho-Monkey Boxing Warriors Episode 1’ is a stroke of genius with cut and paste video game fight noises looped over an old school panting beat. Other contributors include: Jacknife Lee, Spacer, FPM and Howie B. Listen to it here.

If you like these, then you'll love 'Space Is The Plaice'! You can pre-order it here.