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Introducing: Milo Clare

Milo grew up in London. Spreading his time between his mother who fed him on a diet of Stevie Wonder, The Fugees and De La Soul and his adoptive father; musician/DJ Howie B who introduced him to the world of electronic music and production. His new track 'Get Enough' is being released on our new label sampler 'The Shape Of Cats To Come' on the 14th of September.

Hiya Milo, Let us start by saying welcome to the Pussyfoot Records family!

Hello, thank you!

What are your earliest memories of Pussyfoot?

I think the earliest memory has got to be the album artwork. I remember seeing Toshio's artwork all around the house at Howie's when I was a kid and I was obsessed with his style of painting. There was an overlap with the cartoons I was watching at the time and the artwork that Pussyfoot was coming out with. The visuals are definitely what lead me to the music.

What is your favourite Pussyfoot Album?

Best Foot Forward is a classic, it would be the album I'd tell people to start with if they wanted to get an idea about the label. I was listening to Sie's album (Ruban D'Alpha) the other day in the studio and I kept thinking, wow this sounds like it could be made yesterday.

What was the inspiration behind your track 'Get Enough'?

I didn't really write it on a topic, my inspiration started more as a general mood. I don't tend to go into writing with the intention of it being about something specific. The music comes first, I find inspiration in writing and the meaning behind the track reveals itself to me somewhere along the way.

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What is your writing process?

One moment I'm whistling a tune to myself and then suddenly I'm frantically writing words down. I tend to write on my own a lot-especially with lyrics - which are sometimes personal, I find that I need the physical space to work that out. Although if I hit a wall, I'll usually contact my friend Nancy Anderson (Babeheaven), we'll take the piss out of each others neurosis until we stumble across a lyric - she sings backing vocals on my first two tunes. Musically, it's great to vibe off of other people. Recently lyrics and music have been taking turns in coming first, It's not so clear cut as one thing comes before the other.

Who are your top musical influences for this tune?

New school influences: The internet, Steve Lacy. Old school: always Bootsy and D'angelo.

Your music video is super trippy, what were your thoughts there?

The music video was really fun to do, I made it with my really good friend Miles (director) and some other friends. It made quite a nerve wracking thing a lot of fun and un-intimidating. The song in itself is pretty simple and straight up lyrically so I wasn't crazy concerned with narrative - I wanted to go for feeling/space/texture that felt a little bit otherworldly and different. We were really influenced by Nam June Paik, it was kind of a homage to his idea of technology versus nature. The idea of technology versus nature is something I think about a lot when making music, striking the right balance between human and digital.

What is next for you?

I've got a track coming on the new Pussyfoot compilation coming out in November which is still shrouded in secrecy. I've been in the studio a lot writing, mixing up genres and having fun with collaborations. Getting close to an E.P release!

Thanks Milo

You can stream Milo's track here. All you've got to do is sign up to a free Pussyfoot account, you'll get extra special benefits! Follow Milo on Instagram: @miloclare

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