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Devils Of Moko release debut single 'Algorithm' on Pussyfoot Records

‘Algorithm’ is the debut single from new Pussyfoot Records signee's Devils of Moko. Devils Of Moko consists Mulele Matondo on Bass (Kongo Dia Ntotila) Sam Gardner on Drums (Septabeat, Samadhi Quintet) and Dominic J Marshall on Piano and Synth (Dominic J Marshall Trio, The Cinematic Orchestra). The new U.K jazz scene is where the trio would comfortably sit, they see the scene as an extension of what you’re feeling, it’s ‘Jazz and…’, the boundaries aren’t there and it is mirrored in their own musical creation whether that’s the Kongolese rhythms, stories, and the departure from western musical structure from Mulele. The electronic influences from Sam whose own exploration in electronic music, Drum and Bass and production carve an edge into the trio’s voice. Or the soulful jazz melodies played by Dominic, who’s piano playing sparks warmth and rounds the trio’s music into its uplifting soul busting sound.

Devils Of Moko - Portrait - Band

'Algorithm' sits comfortably between new school Jazz and electronica, beginning with underwater oscillating synths that bubble up on top of a laboured piano melody. The rhythm and pace is set, repeated and explored just to be dissolved as the musicians go off in different directions. The title ‘Algorithm’ refers to the band's ability to slip seamlessly in and out of electronic sound, bleeps and repetitive motifs intermingling with more classic jazz harmonies and riffs. The Devils Of Moko's debut track is less about order, more about the beauty of breaking in and out of the confines of a 4-minute track.

Listen to the track here.