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Available to pre-order: Blood Wine or Honey - '明天 Tomorrow' 12" E.P

Our good pals Blood Wine or Honey have come back into our loving embrace, how we missed them so! After their wicked tune 'Brilliant Pebbles' starred on our comeback compilation 'Space Is The Plaice', we knew we needed more from the Hong Kong-based Hypno-tropicalia trio.

They return to us with a spectacular 12" E.P titled '明天 Tomorrow' which features title track 'Tomorrow'; a spirited, gleamingly reflective and instantly engaging future classic. Alongside lashings of remixes from the BWoH vaults, created by Medlar, Biggabush, Fancy Cat and #normal.

There’s ‘Undying Overrated (Biggabush remix)’ with Biggabush’s trademark dub-expressionism, giving the surreal lyrics space and pinpointing pops, echoes, and off-beat piano before erupting into a heavy heavy dub-club future-stepper; ‘Orwellian Woman (Medlar remix)’ where Medlar creates a synchro-synth-clap deep disco abstract banger; in ‘Peak Helium IV (Fancy Cat remix)’ the enigmatic Fancy Cat recalls Moodymann's avant-house auras and Blake Baxter's techno spirit. ‘Tomorrow (#normal remix)’ has skewed vocal clips and shimmering atmospherics kicking into huge drums, flipping the rhythm of the title track inside-out, along with bass weight and sampled snatches of vocal and sax refrain. Finally in ‘Loosefoot (#normal remix)' the usually anthemic 'Loosefoot' is transformed into a slow-burning spartan salutation with minimalist echoing percussion and vocal robotics, underscored by a reprise of the ruptured sub-bass of the original.

You can pre-order the 12" E.P here. And if you're simply desperate to hear some top notch sounds right away, you can stream or buy their mini digi E.P 'A bit of Tomorrow' which features the tracks ‘Orwellian Woman (Medlar remix) and ‘Undying Overrated (Biggabush remix).

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