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An Interview with Howie B

Hello, how are you today Howie?

Very well, I've been in London for just over a week hanging with my kids, eating pasta and watching movies. I love London in the summer as it's completely empty. I'm feeling especially good after my performance last weekend at Houghton festival, that was a great festival! I played a set that was pretty outside the box- very ambient with no drums - there was an excellent vibe there.

Where were you when you wrote this track?

I was on Il De Oleron, where I live with my wee boy.

Could you explain your choice for the title?

I used to read a lot of Dr Seuss to my kids when they were little, when I ran out of books I started to make up my own stories about half and half animals and creatures. I played the song to my daughter and she said "Oh! It sounds like that book you used to read me!"

The track seems to take you on a journey as different instrumentals are brought in, what were your thoughts behind this?

I wanted it to have a feeling of urgency and respite, I know that's an oxymoron but it's what I felt myself at the time. So there ended up being quite a few opposites in the tracks, loud/quiet, genre. The bass line and chords start very far away from each other, I intro'd them separately so that when they come together at the end it's this beautiful marriage of battling sound.

Pussyfoot Front V3

What music were you listening to at the time of this tunes creation?

I wasn't listening to anything around this time, a period of quiet. The track actually came about from a conversation I had with DJ Kaos, we were discussing me doing a track for him but once I started writing it I couldn't let it go, it had Pussyfoot all over it!

What software did you use?

All soft instruments and Logic. I levelled it out on a Schertler desk.

Will there be visuals to go along with this track, it's very cinematic!

Yes, Dan Macmillan just spent a couple of days out in the country side shooting a short film for the tune. I can't tell you anything about it because he hasn't told me anything! It will be out some time next week so keep your eyes peeled.

Whats next for you?

Well this track is the start of a new wave of music for me, I've been looking into my past a lot at the music I created in the 90s and taking bits and pieces of that. Looking back to move forward, it's been a journey of discovery.

Howie's track 'Oh The Places You'll Go' will be available to stream on the 17th of August. It is available to buy here. The whole E.P will be available to purchase on the 14th of September and you can preorder the vinyl here.