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Milo Clare

Milo Clare

Milo grew up in North London. Spreading his time between his mother who fed him on a diet of Stevie Wonder, The Fugees and De La Soul and his adoptive father; musician/DJ Howie B who introduced him to the world of electronic music and production. Milo states that the time he spent skateboarding around studios with his sister, while eclectic music blared out of the speakers, normalised studio life which paved the way for him to work in studios himself many years later.

His first introduction to music production stemmed from an obsession with 90s hip-hop (Slum Village/ Dilla/ Pete Rock). Weekends at this time were spent learning to cut samples on an MPC with a friend and experimenting making his own sounds. His love of music developed cross-genre to Disco, Funk and Soul and eventually landing in the beauty of songwriting and the lyrics of R&B and Neo Soul. Milo's sound encompasses many of his influences, the melodies and bedroom eyes of D'Angelo, lyricality of Erykah Badu but with added downtempo groove and electronic influences. After years of producing other peoples songs and working behind the scenes, never considered himself a singer; he makes his vocal and solo debut with Pussyfoot Records in 2018.

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