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Jacknife Lee

Jacknife Lee

Jacknife Lee is a pop visionary. The boogie woogie man plays all the instruments, sings, mixes and records his own tunes. He makes high tech future retro pop and dreams of writing music for the band in Star Wars.

Born in Dublin and now living in Los Angeles he's been playing since he was 14. Nowadays, his vision hurls him round the planet sucking up sounds from Paso Robles to Osaka. The result is a funky new noise. He comes from a musical background as opposed to a DJing one.

"I love hooks in songs, I couldn't lose them even if I wanted to". His sweet beats and luscious lyrics will blow dusty cynics out of their tree. "I want the music to be fun without being stupid".

In the 90s he spent his time learning [programming, sampling and cooking], writing [tunes and tales of the King & Hawaiian satellites, a funky BBQ and a crunchy track featuring American cheese - Casey Kasem], recovering [from having spent 4 years playing punk rock guitar with Compulsion - he found the constraints of a band too limiting, "Every time I did anything with someone else I felt like I was having an affair"] and listening [Bacharach to Black Sabbath, The Blackbyrds to the Boards of Canada].

After his vision set him on the boogie trail, Jacknife Lee started in Jan 1998. The Pussyfoot 12" 'A Dog Named Snuggles' was his first release.

Next came the acclaimed 'Kitty Litter' EP featuring the smash hit 'Cookies' which was used in the film 'Human Traffic'.

The 'Muy Rico' mini album was released in April '99 to rapturous applause. A kaleidosonic cocktail blending 50's exotica, 60's pyschedelia, 70's funk, 80's excess and 90's eclectica it rapidly became a cult classic.

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