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Ezra Hames

Ezra Hames

Growing up in a small seaside town in South Wales, Ezra Hames' dad first introduced him to a world of genre, an eclectic mix of Jimi Hendricks, Radiohead, and acid jazz compilations went on to be a massive influence on his sound. His first exploration of music production came at a young age when he was bought a programme called Ejay, with that he began to fix loops together and got a taste for creating and manipulating sounds. A few years on, Ezra was introduced to Hip-Hop when he started spending time on the skate and surf scene, gravitating towards the slow tempo beats and bass, he and his friends got together and decided to experiment with making their own tracks using Reason 5. As Ezra travelled around the world, he took little pieces of influence from each place he visited and funnelled it into his music, intertwining the far-out sounds with the downtempo hip-hop beats of his youth.

Releases by Ezra

NightSpace Is The Plaice