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Ninna Lundberg

Ninna Lundberg

Ninna Lundberg is an artist of contrasts. The Danish singer/songwriter who started writing songs in 2013, managed to create music that sounds both raw and polished all in the confines of her bedroom. Ninna's fascination with uncomplicated but stunningly beautiful love songs stems from her early musical influences, that of Ella Fitzgerald, Feist and PJ Harvey, all female artists who carved out a specific sound for themselves, much like Ninna is doing herself.

Her alt-pop style is a mixture of hypnotic, powerful vocals, masterful self-production and uncomplicated instrumentals. Ninna's memorable lyrics filled with emotionally charged content is what makes her so relatable and enchanting. Having collaborated with London based JUMPSWIM back in 2014, Ninna is finally ready with her solo project, an album that has been years in the making.

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Fall Out Of Love (demo version)Space Is The Plaice