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About Pussyfoot

Pussyfoot was started in 1993 by DJ, Artist and Producer Howie B and Business partner Nick Young. One of the first truly independent record labels, Pussyfoot toed the waters of musical expression through genre-bending releases from the likes of Spacer, Naked Funk, Robbie Robertson, Rodney P, Dobie and Howie B himself. Our musical focus was all things electronic: breaks, beats, trip-hop, downtempo, and enough technical experimentation to shake a Moog at. Not the kind of label to be boxed in, Pussyfoot also explored folk, hip-hop, funk, and a whole host of hybrid genres.

Pussyfoot was a musical incubator, allowing artists to explore and hone their musical independence. Building artists is something we are still passionate about in our relaunched state of Pussyfoot 2.0, so as we opened our metaphorical doors again in 2018 we went forward with the same message we had at our heart in the beginning: Nurture diversity and exploration. Pussyfoots desire to be ever evolving is what drew music fans to us 20 years ago, now we're aiming to scoop up the hyphenated generation alongside the old die-hard fans. Future-Jazz, Thai-Folk, Chinese-Electronica and Big Beats & Blues. We will continue to cut and paste musical styles together and we won’t stop at bedtime.

After our absolutely massive comeback compilation ‘Space Is The Plaice’ was released last year, we have renewed our die-hard love for compilation creation. Curated music, brand new tracks made to measure, all in response to a theme – what could be better? In the age of Spotify playlists, compilations seem to be en vogue, let us nudge your memory at some of the great compilation albums of Pussyfoot’s past, the cartoon hijinks of ‘Pussytoons’, the super stealthy spy thriller ‘PussyGalore’, Japanese album ‘Fish Smell Like Cat’, and the more X-rated porn themed ‘Suck It & See’. Watch this space for our next compilation.

In 2019 we have releases coming from Kongo-Jazz outfit Kongo Dia Ntotila, a new album from Howie B alongside another joint expedition between Howie and Craig Richards. Ian Simmonds’ 15th studio album, and Jazz-Electric trio Devils Of Moko’s debut offering. That’s just the beginning, we have a lot more exciting releases in the works spanning Hip Hop, R&B, Techno, Folk and massive club beats from UK, Europe, Japan, China and Thailand.